One hundred people have received a vinyl record containing music by Andrew Steingold entitled ‘Three Ambient Guitar Recordings’. They were asked to respond with something creative. These 100 creative responses will be published when received. Please click on ‘The Responses’ above to view the existing creative responses.

100 Creative Responses Cover Artwork
The Artist

A DREAM AND A FIRE which I cannot control, driving me without those comfortable smooth paths of solidity and sleep which nature has decreed for man. A fire which I inherited willy-nilly, and which I must needs feed with talk and youth and the very vessel which bears the fire; the serpent which consumes its own kind, knowing that I can never give to the world that which is crying in me to be freed.

For where is that flesh, what hand holds that blood to shape this dream within me in marble or sound, on canvas or paper, and live? I, too, am but a shapeless lump of moist earth risen from pain, to laugh and strive and weep, knowing no peace until the moisture has gone out of it, and it is once more of the original and eternal dust.

But to create! Which among ye who have not this fire, can know the joy, let it be ever so fleet?

William Faulkner, ‘New Orleans Sketches’, 1925

It is a little known fact but when it comes to create ideas the majority of people are creative geniuses.

Bill Drummond, '45'